So here’s a topic suggestion from reader Wanda Hyleman. She sent it recently, and I thought it was a good one.
But before I let Wanda take the wheel, I wanted to let you know that I was hoping to name another gear recipient this weekend, but unfortunately haven’t yet heard back from the winner I’d chosen! Hopefully I’ll hear soon, and when I do, she’ll be the last winner before the giveaway goes on a break.
Anyway, back to Wanda’s topic. She included a number of thoughts with it, so I’ll just get out of the way and let her spark the discussion. –K.H.

  I was wondering about your most enlightening moment in the woods—sort of spiritual. When you experienced something so eye opening that it made you realize there is no place in the world you would rather be but in the woods enjoying nature.  
  I was deer hunting once in an open field, and decided to sit in a brush pile. While there I saw a huge flock of blackbirds landing in the far end of the field, and they all would fly up together and go back down. They did this several times, and as they got closer to me, I was thinking, _I know they have to see me._ But they didn't, and as they flew over me and I could hear the sounds of their wings, it gave me such chills. Mind you this was a flock of about 200 birds, and they were right over my head—I’ll get chills even now when I think of it.  
  Don't know why it came over me so like it did. It just made me realize lots of things that day—like I would have never experienced that had I not been in the great outdoors, had I not been open enough to accept the invite to hunt, had I not been brave enough to go alone the many dark mornings that I have gone. I feel such peace walking to my stand in the dark. I guess that's what it's like to be at peace with yourself. I have chosen that hunting is now a way of life for me and I surely would not have it any other way.  
  I was just wondering if anyone else had experienced anything like that in the woods. -Wanda Hyleman