One other thing I noticed at the FFR expo in Denver: A number of flyfishing companies are reverting back to more models with more “classic,” softer actions. I say, great, because as a guide, I’m sick of trying to fix the casting flaws I believe are created by super fast action fly rods. Learn to cast on a more traditional level, where you actually have to groove your timing. Then step up, if you want to boom distance. But too many people rely on technology over technique, and that’s a bad thing.

Along those lines, I’m also of the opinion that a 5 weight, the classic trout standard, is overkill for most trout fishing situations. I say 3 weight should be the bread and butter rig. If you’re casting more than 40 feet for trout, in 90 percent of situations, you’re making a mistake.

What say you?


PS Congratulations to Mr. Romano and his new bride Ellie Childs on a wonderful wedding celebration! All the best…