A big congrats to the Phillies, and to all you Philadelphia fans who phinally claimed a world series title last night!

 Of course, something like winning a championship game is the achievement of a major -- and in many cases -- lifelong goal for players and fans alike. But we all set more modest goals for ourselves as well -- personal achievements that won't draw TV crews and world name recognition, but that are deeply gratifying nonetheless. 

 You may have seen this recent hometown story out of Dotyville, Wisconsin about an 89-year-old named Delores Wilhelms, who harvested a buck with her late husband-and-hunting-partner's crossbow. According to this [FDLReporter]( story, Wilhelms had to suffer through a few snickers from salespeople when she got her hunting license, who mocked her age. But no matter, on Oct. 15, she harvested a 150-pound, 3-point buck from a blind on a neighbor's property. 

 Wilhelms' husband Bill had passed away in 2006. Although she's recently begun wanting to return to their cabin "up north," she didn't want to make the drive alone, and had trouble finding someone who could take her. After a neighbor solved the problem by inviting her to hunt his land, even a deep cut on her thumb during target practice that landed her in the emergency room couldn't keep Wilhelms from heading out to the blind. She missed her buck the first day she saw him, but got him at 5:45 the following evening. "It's a thrill, I tell you," she told the paper. "I hope God lets me live long enough to do it again next year."

 Many of us have field goals for ourselves -- a trip to Africa, a grand slam, a dream elk hunt, or even just a safe season spent with family and friends. From past achievements to currrent works in progress, what are some of yours? -K.H.