I’ve been wanting to get some photos up on the blog, and conveniently enough, reWanda1_5ader Wanda Hyleman sent me a few to post along with the following comments. –K.H.

  _I encourage all the women I know to join their boyfriends/husbands in the woods. I sure am glad that my ex introduced me to hunting, as I never went before he took me and I have so many great memories of those years together. Last year, when he gave me the gun that was his dad’s I know I probably had my mouth open since we’d been divorced for 6 years. He even gave me a ladder stand a few months ago, and I repainted it and my nephew helped me put it up last weekend. I feel bad for him that he lost the desire to hunt after his father died in 1995, but I sure do treasure all those memories. I learned everything I know from the two of them.   
  My ex-husband was always just as excited as I was when I got one. The buck mounted on the wall was taken in 1991, on a south Georgia farm. We all saw him throughout that season, and when I shot him my father-in-law said, “Son, she got our deer.” But he was happy for me anyway. He scored 124 7/8. The other photo is of me and a deer I took on the![Wanda2_2]( farm where I still hunt. He was my first 10-point, and I was so excited. Could ya tell by my smile! I had a little trouble finding him. The men on the farm told me I missed him, and I had better check my scope. I called my ex that night, and asked him about how they react when they are hit. And he said, “You know you are a good shot, don’t pay those men any attention, just go back and start looking in the thick brush, and I know you will find him.”   
  So I went right back the next day and kept on til I found him._