Reader Lou Alexander and her husband just returned from a Wyoming elk hunt, and she sent me the update below. The photo she included of this uncooperative pack horse is pretty great! –K. H.
It was a great trip, but the weather was horrible. The elk weren’t moving all week. The wind started to blow the first morning of the hunt, it snowed, the wind then really blew, it rained, did I mention the wind blew, and it snowed some more. We were in beautiful country. I got to ride horses five out of eight days. How can you feel discouraged when sitting on a beautiful mountain meadow, looking at a high country lake with bald eagles flying around you?! We’ll get one next time.
We met some characters in camp, and there was another female hunter. She was with her husband who was hunting elk. She had taken her first antelope earlier in the week and came to enjoy the hunt with him, so she went out just for fun. I enjoyed a camp with other women in it—usually I’m the only one.
The picture if of our guide/outfitter the morning we were riding out (in a foot a fresh snow). The pack horse didn’t want to cross the stream, as you can see. -Lou