I remember the exact moment that I first fully realized there was a limited amount of time in a day, and not everything you wanted to do was going to fit.
It was a warm September afternoon during my freshman year of high school, and I had just found out that Indoor Guard, for which I was about to try out, practiced at the same time as Vocal Jazz Ensemble, of which I was already a member (yup, I was both a band geek and a chorus nerd). At the time, I also played French horn in the Brass Choir, was on stage crew for the musical, and sang in a community chorus. So far, all those activities fit into a week, but Indoor Guard—which I really, really wanted to join because the boy I liked was in it, and the year-end competition would be in Wildwood, N.J., which was cool—would demolish my delicately coordinated extra-curricular routine.
That schedule conflict was the moment at which I realized you couldn’t do every single thing you wanted. You had to prioritize, then you had to pick.
Now the cruel limits of a 24-hour day are never far from mind. And moving to Manhattan, with its unending opportunities and non-stop activities made my tendency to over-schedule even worse. Just finding time to write this blog post on finding time has been a challenge.
But, of course, you make time for the things you love, and hunting is one of those things. Luckily, working at Field & Stream made hunting part of my job, so finding field time hasn’t always been a challenge for me. But I feel like I’m constantly hearing from others how hard it is to get out there—work, family, school, after-school—the list of demands on your time can seem unending. In that Field & Stream Women Hunters Poll, 20% of respondents said that, Finding time away from work and home responsibilities to hunt, was the No. 1 challenge that separated women from men hunters.
I realize there are plenty of women much saner than myself, who have built an outdoors life that naturally allows for time in the field. But how much of a struggle is it for the rest of us to carve out time to hunt? Do you take time off of work? Line up babysitters? Or maybe you simply say, “To hell with it all, I’m just going!” –K.H.