Some might say this is not the smartest post I’ve ever done, but what can I say… I’ve got the sickness. I had the voicemail and the photo. I had to post it, right?

I’m apologizing in advance. Right here. Right now. So when my gorgeous, brilliant, talented wife gets wind of this I won’t have to scrub my garage floor with a toothbrush this weekend.

The above phone message was recorded at my own wedding just over a month ago and the photograph was taken at the time of said message by my friend Charlie. Of course I didn’t have my cell phone with me and got the message the next day.

I’ll give you a nice shiny nickel if you can correctly guess what I was doing. All I’m gonna say is that it involved KD, Nate Matthews (an F&S; editor), quite a bit of Maker’s Mark, a stashed rod, and some stocked bass ponds that were a stones throw from the tent.