You may recognize this photo. Luckily for me it ended up in the “First Shot” section of Field and Stream a couple of issues ago. I was thrilled, honored, and very excited to have one of my photos chosen as a two page spread in the magazine.

Then, a couple of days ago I received some state generated prison mail from California. I thought it was a mistake when I found it in my mailbox. Apparently a gentleman who we’ll call “Mike” had written F&S; asking for me and any information I might have on the fishing and location of the place I had taken a picture of. He claims he will be out of prison and living in Colorado in about six months and wants to go there. Yikes!

Now, I’m hard pressed to give out fishing beta on favorite places to good friends let alone a prisoner in the California state system. On the other hand perhaps he’s served his time and will be an outstanding member of society… What do you say, should I write him?