For those of you still wondering about the “Where’s Kirk” question: I’ve been chasing giant dorado in the jungle in Bolivia. The miracle of the Internet may have made it seem as if I’ve been here in the States. But the truth is, I left for South America the day after I posted “Where’s Kirk,” on August 24, and I’ve been there for a while. Thanks, Timmy, for covering all duties in my absence.

The deal was straightforward: Go chase the largest, meanest fish in the Amazon headwaters, with the South American pros from Untamed Angling ( If you check out that website, and see the kind of fish those guys catch for a living, then imagine what would make them venture far off the beaten path… well, you get the picture.

Hopefully, as this post hits Fly Talk, I’ll be beating a path toward home. Hopefully we found the legendary magic of “El Dorado” somewhere in that jungle. Oh, there will be stories to share, including a major feature in Field & Stream. I’ll fill you in more, and tease you with a photo or two once I’m back home. This one was over-the-top. I knew it would be, going in.