PetemottEver reached your fishing destination only to realize you forgot your rod, reel or some other critical piece of equipment? Friday, my friend Josh Fiester and I had already run an early morning shuttle on the Roaring Fork river near Aspen, Colorado only find we had left all of our bugs at home. We were heartbroken. We skipped out on work, got up early and were psyched to get out on the water. Sitting there like two morons we noticed a guide trip about to leave the launch.

What the hell, I thought – might as well ask. Armed with a twenty, I sheepishly asked guide Pete Mott of if he could spare any flies. Pete didn’t flinch. He pulled out his portable fly shop and proceeded to unload about $50 worth of flies on us. His clients, a family from West Virginia, also started flinging flies my direction. None of them thought twice about it and refused any offer of cash. They saved our entire day.

I must admit I’ve handed out a few flies to random strangers when they seemed in need, but nothing could have prepared me for the generosity of this family or guide. I literally had to stop them and refuse any more flies. So next time you see someone struggling or are asked for info on your local water, help out… I guarantee it will come back in spades.

Thanks Pete! Please pass along our thanks to your clients as we had a fantastic day of fishing thanks to you three.