[1] ARROW SHELF AND SIGHT WINDOW Clinking an arrow off the riser is common, but it’s also simple to fix. Stick adhesive felt to any area that might come in contact with the arrow. Cir-Cut Archery Fleece Silencing Tape, $5;

[2] REST It’s hard to imagine an accessory more untrendy than “flipper”-style rests. But they still have a lot going for them: They’re cheap, easy to tune, quick to replace, and quiet. NAP Centerest Flipper rest, $30;

[3] STRINGS String silencers are the most effective way to eliminate the twang of shooting. The Spyder Speed Silencer reduces noise and increases arrow speed. It looks cool too. Spyder Speed Silencers, $12;

[4] LIMBS Vibration in the limbs is a big noise-making culprit. Sims, which designs vibration-dampening devices for everything from rifles to pool cues, dominates the archery market with its line of LimbSaver products. They really work. LimbSaver Ultra Quad, $35;

[5] STABILIZER Stabilizers make it easier to hold a bow steady, and they reduce noise. Although long models are best for accuracy, they can be unwieldy for hunting. Go with a short, fat one to soak up vibration. Doinker Chubby, $50;

[6] CABLE GUARD A bad guard can chatter like teeth when the string is wet. Swap your original for an aftermarket model to quiet down, eliminate friction, and extend cable life. They don’t cost much, and it takes about 10 seconds to make the change. LimbSaver Cable Slide, $15;