It’s not hard to find anti-hunting messages on the Web. But the logic — or lack thereof — presented in this Adirondack Daily Enterprise letter to the editor caught my eye. The letter was written by Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting president Joe Miele, whose name pops up quite a bit at the end of such anti-hunting rhetoric here and there.
Citing U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service data, Miele celebrates a decline in youth hunters, then claims that “nonviolent forms of outdoor recreation” such as bird watching are on the rise. He suggests that state conservation agencies take advantage of the situation to sever their budgetary dependence on the sale of hunting and fishing licenses, by instead putting a surcharge on binoculars, cameras and other equipment used by wildlife watchers. “By making these changes,” he concludes, “both wildlife and people would benefit and we would bring about a less violent world.”
While I concede the letter is barely worth acknowledging, I couldn’t help but be amused by the flawed logic behind it. Just goes to show that it would take a far and blinded reach indeed to discredit the overwhelming contributions sportsmen and women make to resource conservation. -K.H.