This week has brought warm, moist, still air and with the swallow-tailed kites still gliding over the twisted mangrove canopy that means one thing — baby tarpon. Tropical Storm Barry gave us the rain we needed to push the fish from tight mangrove creeks into larger backcountry bays where we can reach them.

Most of the tarpon this time of the year will range from 5-50lbs. Try and tackle these tarpon on six and eight-weight rods. Use a standard saltwater tapered leader 10-20lb attaching a 40-50lb bite guard.

Little tarpon will take streamers, sliders and poppers. Brightly colored flies in our tea-colored water really stand out and attract the little silver kings. Expect more high-flying jumps and closer-to-the-boat battles with these smaller fish than you get from more mature-sized tarpon.

Tight Lines!