Greg Garcia’s Mother’s Day Caddis, courtesy of Brian Schmidt and Umpqua

We all celebrate Mother’s Day, but in some areas of the West, some celebrate it better than others. This essential little gem that Greg Garcia came up with incorporates everything that a Caddis dry fly should have to match the Mothers Day hatch; it’s been tested for years, and proven on rivers such as the Arkansas River in Colorado.

As with many standard dry Caddis patterns, this also has the elk wing that has become a staple for imitating Caddis. Greg added a few strands of flash as an under-wing below the bleached Elk to give his version a touch of pearlescence that also helps with visibility in low light conditions. The Superfine dubbed body is black, which gives great contrast to the lighter colored wing and the bright green glass bead at the bend of the hook. Why the bead? Well, two reasons…1) When the female caddis returns to the water late in the day to lay their eggs, they have a green egg sac that naturally appears toward the 10th section, or the end of their abdomen. 2) This fly will be seen by feeding trout; they’d have to be blind to miss it. The placement of the silver-lined bead mimics this stage of the caddis fly perfectly, though Greg’s fly works extremely well throughout the hatch. The fly is finished off with a grizzly-dyed brown rooster hackle that gives the fly the essential footprint to keep it afloat as well as giving the illusion of the spayed legs of a natural. I have had great success fishing this fly alone, as well as dropping a soft hackle; such as a partridge and orange, off the bend of the hook. It’s a great fly to fish in the pocket water of small mountain streams and along the grassy banks of slower meadow runs.

When Greg showed Umpqua Feather Merchants his creation, we “smelled money” and it was a “no brainer” to accept his fly as one that we would offer to the public. Check out your local fly shop and get yourself a handful or follow the recipe below to tie them for yourself… you can’t go wrong with this fly. — Brian Schmidt

Hook: TMC 100SP-BL #14-18
Bead: Green Glass Seed Bead 15/0 size
Thread: 10/0 olive to secure the bead, then 8/0 Black for the rest of the fly
Abdomen: Black Superfine Dubbing
Underwing: Pearl Krystal Flash, Red Krystal Flash and Pearl Mirage Strands
Overwing: Bleached Elk Hair
Hackle: Grizzly Dyed Brown Rooster Saddle or Neck Hackle