So admittedly this is going to be pretty unofficial, but I want to see some of your photographs that you’ve taken over the last year in regards to fishing.

I’ve been doing a ton of edits the past couple of weeks for possible ads, catalog covers and our magazine Angling Trade. I’m sick of looking at my photos and thought that I could convince some of you to share some of your favorites with Kirk and I and the rest of the Blog-o-sphere. I’ll gather them up, categorize, analyze, ponder, and hopefully laugh some and we’ll all vote on our favorites right after the new year. Heck, I’m sure I can even wrangle up some pretty sweet little prizes for 1st, 2nd, and third place.

I’ll make it fair and I’ll set up a way for us to vote when the time comes. Anybody have any suggestions for categories or ideas for this little competition? List them here in the comments section and we’ll start up the first end of year photo comp for Flytalk.

Please send photo submissions to my email and please don’t crush me with hundreds of photos. While photos of big fish or weird fish are totally cool, I’m curious what you all can come up with that’s a touch outside the grip and grin realm. Get creative here!

Good luck and I can’t wait to see what’s in my inbox. Oh, and please title your subject line in your submissions Flytalk Photo Contest.