Here’s a line I thought I’d never say on the river: “There’s a big rainbow rising on that inside seam, Mr. Governor.” I had the honor of fishing yesterday with Colorado Governor Bill Ritter, and his chief legal counsel, Trey Rogers. While most politicos I’ve met talk a good game and might don waders or camo only for the photo op, I was deeply impressed to find out that these two are the real deals. I had heard they were serious anglers, and knew that the Governor had put speaking at the recent flyfishing nationals on his busy agenda. But I didn’t expect the Governor’s virtual dry-fly clinic yesterday afternoon. Apparently his fishing passion is beyond avid, (though I was unable to confirm whether or not he actually scheduled campaign appearances around the state’s best rivers/hatches). It’s good to live in a state where the chief executive, as an angler, is personally vested in things like conservation, and healthy lakes and rivers. I’m not aware of many other flyfishing governors. No matter which party you support, I’m sure you’ll agree we need more of them.

Oh, by the way, before you ask … Scott Rod, Ross Reel (both made in Colorado, naturally).