I’m into stripping. No, not that type of stripping… I’m talking about pulling streamers in the fall. And ripping line tight on a heavy fish after the take. One of the most over-used expressions in flyfishing is “get ’em on the reel.” Reel, schmeel. I mean, one reason that flyfishing is abundantly more entertaining and challenging than winding up on fish with conventional tackle is that personal, non-mechanized energy between the angler and the fish, once the hookup actually happens. It’s a game of balance and inches, give and take… direct contact with the quarry. As my friend Tom Whitley (one of the very best fly guides in the West) once eloquently explained: “As with any ‘relationship,’ minus the give and take, that relationship with a hooked trout on a fly rod is going to end… quickly.”

Maybe that’s why fly anglers are better lovers, spouses, friends, and partners than most people. We understand the “give and take.” And talk about passion… not only have we mastered the art of temptation… we know how to manage a relationship once it commences. Granted, all relationships don’t turn out to be “grip and grin” moments… but I’m saying the conscience of the fly angler–male or female–predisposes us to be… well, dead sexy.

Wouldn’t you agree?