Carp2Okay, so we may never sort out the bass-fight argument. And yes, Cutthroat trout may indeed fight, as Chad Miller suggests, like a rubber boot. So let me introduce the world’s number one sportfish — the carp. No I’m not kidding, on a worldwide basis, the carp is the most prized quarry. There’s more money spent on carping than all flyfishing … by far. I hear it’s a up to a $6 billion market. By comparison, the entire US flyfishing market hovers around $700 million. And yet there are fewer than 2,000 tried-and-true carp chasers in America (not counting the casual crossover flyrodder).

Why the disparity? Granted, it’s a little strange to slingshot method balls, then sleep in a bivvy, and wait for the bite alarm to go off on your rod-pod. But, hey, any anglers who fish with “Tiger Nuts” are good in my book.

The real truth is, in our arrogance, we consider carp trash fish. But lets not forget that if you tail-tied this carp to an equivalent bass — or trout — this fish would drag those others until they drown. But then again, there aren’t any bass this big …