Every day is a good day to get more organized. One of the best ways to get yourself there? Stock up on sturdy storage tubs. Here are three quick options when choosing solid storage tubs.

Durability is key, so look for models that are strong enough to stand up to bumps and bangs. See-through plastic models are perfect for quickly identifying what’s inside from shoes to school supplies to sweaters. And lock-down lids will help keep the dust bunnies out.

Look for models where the lids snap down securely for a tight seal, particularly if you plan on storing sweaters or other woolen garments, like hunting pants and shirts, in mothballs during the off-season.


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Got a lot of heavier/bulkier items to store, like boots, books, or tools? Many manufacturers offer lidded storage bins with wheels and beefy handles—perfect for those long bag-drags from the car to the dorm room.


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Good grips reduce finger and back strain, ribbed construction allows these to be dragged out of the back of a pickup without scraping up the bed, and holes in the handles allow water to drain—perfect if you’re transporting tools to the job site or clothes to the cabin on a rainy day. Some models even have holes molded in for attaching a padlock.