Look what Lou Alexander’s husband dragged out of the woods! At first he’d thought the deer was an antlered doe, but then realized it was a male with a “very small unit.” Lou said they nicknamed the deer Pat, and added:

_The bases on this guy are massive, there are 11 scoreable points, but as you can see the rack lacks anyDeer3 length and is still in velvet. We didn’t see any exterior female parts and I’m not good enough to pick out the reproductive organs internally, but if there were some I’m sure they would have been under sized too. Our taxidermy guy told us that the doe’s he’s seen have had a rubbery consistency to their antlers, but Pat had hard antlers. Just something different to see. I’m sure any fans of SNL will understand the name 🙂

Another thing, my husband also shot a very nice 10 pt buck later and he came in on Pat’s trail like he was smelling a hot doe._

I certainly haven’t seen anything this bizarre this season. Anyone else? – K.H.