I don’t know how many of us are from the great state of California, but the Orange Country Register has an item in today’s edition that I found interesting. A reader wrote in to an apparent advice column asking about his wife, who had expressed an interest in learning to shoot.
The columnist herself is a woman and her reply is … well…
The fact that the writer refers to the man’s spouse as “wifey” or “little woman,” warns against the wife’s intention to, “Hone in on your bubba time,” and claims that, “Unless your lady looks like Siren from American Gladiators, she may not have the arm strength to pull back the slide on a handgun,” made it hard to keep reading. But the writer did, in her own less-than-flattering way, get around to some actual advice-giving and well-wishing. The whole thing is oddly offensive and encouraging at the same time.
So I’m torn. Maybe the columnist meant well, but just couldn’t overcome her own ignorance of the shooting sports? Check out the article if you have few minutes. The writer’s phone number is listed at the bottom of the column if you’d like to share your thoughts directly. -K.H.