Some of you have written asking about the clothing giveaway I’d mentioned a little while back. Again, the idea was that F&S had gotten some nice gear to photograph for the July feature on women hunters, and with those shoots over, it made sense to find homes for these clothing items through the blog. So here’s the deal: The person who posts the best comment(s) will be given a piece of gear. A new recipient will be announced every Friday until the supply runs out—I only have enough pants, jackets, and such to last about a month. Of course, these items are just what happen to be inhouse, so sizes are very limited (mostly smalls and mediums). If you’re chosen, and the gear doesn’t fit, you’ll have a very nice present for a friend or family member.
So considering today’s Friday, I guess I’ll announce the first gear recipient: Annette Shearer from Lexington, KY, will be getting a Hunter Fleece Zip-Jacket compliments of SHE Safari ( Keep the comments coming, and I’ll keep the gear going. –K.H.