ALPS OutdoorZ Stealth Hunter 360 Blind Chair
ALPS OutdoorZ

So often, it seems like the nicer the shooting house or ground blind, the crappier the chairs inside. Last year in Texas, I hunted from an awesome elevated blind that was equipped with an ancient rolling office chair. It had six wheels, one of which would not roll. The squeaks from it sounded like a furious orgy of rodents, and it was too low to see out of the windows.

We’ve used folding card table chairs in our ground blinds at home, and they’re not much better. One of the four legs will inevitably find a soft spot in the ground and fall inside—usually about the time a deer steps into sight. When you bump something into them, they sound like, well, an aluminum chair.

I’ve come to believe it’s worth the money to buy a good ground blind chair. The Stealth Hunter 360 Blind Chair from ALPS OutdoorZ is one of the best I’ve tried. It has four legs—individually adjustable for height—and each leg is tipped with a large pad to keep the chair from sinking into the dirt. You can use it just fine on uneven ground.

It’s comfortable, and silently spins 360 degrees. Plus, you can remove the legs, fold the seat, and easily haul the package elsewhere with the supplied carrying strap. Even if you have several ground blinds or shooting houses, you only need to buy one chair. It’s a little heavy at 14 pounds, but since I’m hauling it to a blind where I plan to be sedentary for five hours at a time, I can deal with it.