Rain and snow aren’t the only weather forces that make being outdoors uncomfortable. If you spend time outdoors, whether for work or play or somewhere inbetween, a windbreaker will help you stay comfortable, without adding unnecessary weight or warmth. Let’s look at how to choose the best one for you.

  • Consider the Activity: The ideal windbreaker for a day on the water isn’t necessarily the same as it is for cycling, and neither are going to be the best pick for everyday use. When picking a windbreaker, know when and where you’ll be wearing it. That will determine the level of wind-blocking you need. Then you must…
  • Consider the Material: A jacket is dubbed a windbreaker mostly because of the material. If you’ll be exerting yourself, look for breathability. If it will frequently be raining, look for waterproofing. But you also should…
  • Consider the Temperature: A summer wind that makes the heat a bit more bearable, and a spring or fall breeze that makes it feel more like winter, are different things. While one jacket can serve all three seasons, you will be wearing different types of layers beneath it. So consider jacket size and cut accordingly — especially at the shoulders.

Our Picks for the Best Windbreakers for Women on Amazon

Top Pick Overall: BALEAF Women’s Cycling Running Jacket Raincoat Waterproof Windproof Windbreaker WindproofReflective Lightweight

Moving on a bike creates its own breeze, and pedaling into one steps up its felt force. This one is popular with bike riders, one reason being that the breathable material and adjustable back ventilation lets out body warmth so you won’t get overheated. BALEAF

Also Great: Columbia womens Flash Forward Printed Windbreaker

If you’re looking for a jacket less for activewear performance, and more for daily wear on blustery days, this pick nails it. High waist seaming, elastic cuffs, and adjustable drawstrings at the hem and hood make for a stylish fit, while the material stops cold air from blowing through. Columbia

Budget Pick: Avoogue Raincoat Women Lightweight Waterproof Rain Jackets Packable Outdoor Hooded Windbreaker

A hip-skimming length in a range of colors make this one a stylish and functional choice for daily casual wear, at an affordable price point. Plus it fits into a small carry pouch for travel. Avoogue

Warmth Winner: Columbia Women’s Switchback Lined Long Jacket

Waterproof, lightly insulated, and long enough to cover the hips, this is a good choice when you need some extra warmth in a windbreaker. Columbia