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Middle of the summer, the fish in your usual spots might be biting, or they might be getting a bit sluggish, a bit finicky. One thing, though, is universal. The heat is brutal, hot enough that you might be on the road home well before noon. And if there’s no shade, you’ll always come back with a burn. 

The best antidote? A good fishing shirt, and Columbia makes some of the best. Columbia’s fishing shirts are great at wicking sweat, drying quickly, and blocking UV rays. Lucky for you, Columbia’s line of PFG shirts are getting nice discounts during Amazon’s two-day Prime Day sale. The full line, in all its sun-shading, sweat-wicking glory, is on sale—with discounts ranging from 20-33 percent. If you don’t already have a favorite model, pick from the list. If you want to read specifics on each shirt, keep scrolling. 

PFG Terminal Tackle Shirts – Up to 33% off

We’ll start with what are, undeniably, the most serious fishing shirts on this list. The PFG Terminal Tackle shirts are kin to the long sleeves you’ll see pro fishermen wearing on the tour. They’re 100% polyester, quick drying, and most importantly moisture wicking. I’ll condense decades of science, tech, and fashion merchandising into this: The synthetic fibers on these shirts pull sweat from your skin to the outside of the fabric, where it evaporates. You end up cooler and dryer. 

To go with all that, the loose, long sleeve fit is great for all-day casting. And, these shirts offer UPF 50 protection, blocking UVA and UVB rays. Truly the perfect fishing shirt.

PFG Tamiami and Women’s Tamiami (available in men’s short sleeve) – Up to 25% off

If you prefer something a bit more buttoned-up, the rest of the shirts on this list offer that with slight differences in fabric and performance. 

The first model is the Tamiami. It’s the best all-around option and the only one where the women’s model is also part of the Prime Day sale. Like the terminal tackle tees, this shirt is 100 percent polyester, so you get all the cooling and moisture wicking you need in the summer months. An added plus with this model is the big back vent that lets the breeze hit your body directly. Even on the hottest, muggiest days, a light breeze will cool you down if you’re wearing one of these.

PFG Bahama II Long Sleeve (available in short sleeve) – Up to 25% off

Then there’s the Bahama, PFG’s nylon button down. The shirt is almost the exact same as the Tamiami, but built with a nylon taffeta fabric. What this means is it will feel a bit drier and substantial before you wear it in, almost like a starched shirt. Nylon offers similar wicking and drying as polyester, so there’s no considerable difference in performance. Pick this one if you like the cooling benefits of synthetic fibers, but want a shirt that feels a bit more rugged. 

Low Drag Offshore (available in short sleeve) – Up to 25% off

Speaking of rugged, the Low Drag Offshore models are also on sale. These are a polyester ripstop, so you’ll see that characteristic square weave on the shirt. The main benefit of ripstop’s reinforced weave is that it doesn’t snag or rip as easily as other fabrics. If your best spots require you to hike through thick brush, this may be your shirt.

Again, it’s similar in its general function to the other button downs. Keeping with ripstop’s resistance to snagging, the back vent on this model is sleeker. The vents lie closer to the shirt, and they’re only placed at your shoulder blades—no large vent across your back. This makes it a versatile shirt, good for more than just fishing. Though if you’re especially concerned about skin damage, this one only gives you UPF 40 (the others offer UPF 50).

PFG Blood and Guts Zero Woven Long Sleeve – Up to 25% off

If you’re catching to take home and cook and routinely find yourself the person holding the filet knife, PFG’s Blood and Guts line is specifically made to repel … well, blood and guts. Blood and Guts is actually a proprietary treatment Columbia uses on this line. Similar to waterproofing other gear, blood and fish slime is meant to bead off the shirt or—as you use it and the repellency wanes—come out easily after washing. Ideal for guides or designated cleaners.

PFG Bonehead II Long Sleeve – Up to 25% off

Last is the Bonehead line. This one’s made of a 100 percent cotton poplin, which is actually the preferred fabric of dress shirts, and it makes this shirt the nicest looking of the bunch. Like the others, this is a perfect option if you want to feel a breeze and stay cool. However cotton, unlike synthetics, will soak up moisture and take longer to dry. You’ll feel perfectly cool, but if you sweat or get splashed enough, your shirt will get a damp feeling and might not dry until you fully take it off. 

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