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Hunting from a tree stand is one of the most productive ways to hunt deer during all phases of the season. Unfortunately, hunting in a treestand during the late fall and winter can mean enduring extremely cold situations. Consequently, many hunters get cold and leave early, and likely miss a shot at bucks that pass by later in the day. If you’re shopping for a gift for someone who always gets cold in his tree stand, you won’t go wrong with these three gift ideas.


These 80-percent Merino wool socks are designed to keep feet warm in the coldest weather. Amazon

Next to frozen hands, cold feet probably plague treestand deer hunters more than anything else. Face it, if someone’s feet feel like frozen blocks of ice while they are hunting, they’ll likely also feel cold all over. If someone isn’t comfortable, they are much less likely to stay in a tree stand, which is exactly where they need to be in order to have a successful hunt. A good pair of thermal socks, worn under warm boots, can keep feet comfortable when the temperature drops. Look for thick socks made of wool or manmade fibers like polyester. Wool is often warmer than synthetic materials, but acrylic socks can wick sweat away from skin, keeping feet drier, and therefore, warmer.

Warm Hat

This fleece watch cap features four layers over the ears and comes in hunter orange and several other colors. Amazon

In years past, many hunters were fond of making the statement that nearly 90 percent of heat loss when hunting comes from the head. Recent research has proven that to be untrue—it’s actually about 15 percent. Even at that amount it’s easy to understand why it’s so important to keep your head warm when deer hunting in very cold weather. Hats come in all types and materials, and selecting one is largely a matter of personal choice. Just make sure it is warm, comfortable, and sheds water instead of absorbing it. Note that sometimes hat selection is dictated by hunting regulations since many jurisdictions require blaze orange hats during certain seasons. Be sure and check the hunting regulations before you buy.

Base Layer

This fleece-lined base layer is the first layering step to keeping warm while on stand. Amazon

A good base layer is the key to keeping the torso and lower body warm during cold-weather tree stand hunts. Layering is the simple process of adding clothing in layers to provide more insulation and keep the cold away from the body, where it doesn’t belong. The base layer is one of the most important pieces because it is the closest to the skin, so it should be both warm and comfortable. A good base layer not only adds a layer of insulation for warmth, but also wicks moisture away from the skin should someone sweat. That’s important because being dry and cold is always better than being wet and cold, which can lead to hypothermia.