Have you seen this Milwaukee Journal Sentinel story about gun manufacturers offering pink firearms to attract female buyers? It’s currently being discussed by the guys on the F&S news blog (you might want to check out some of their comments involving Barbie and Strawberry Shortcake stickers). The story quotes a number of store-owners and shoppers who have differing opinions on the appropriateness of a pink firearm in the field.
So how do you feel about pink guns—or any other girl-ified gear for that matter? Is such an item a fun must-have, or an obnoxious must-avoid? When I say girl-ified, I don’t mean a shorter stock or other modifications meant to improve the way a piece of equipment fits its owner; I mean aesthetic adjustments that make piece of gear more, well, girly.
Maybe the larger issue is that of each person’s self-perception as an outdoorsman. Do you consider yourself a woman hunter, who’s in many ways different from the men in the field? Or are you a hunter like any other, who just happens to be a woman? –K. H.