At this year’s FFR Expo in Denver (where the big manufacturers debut the new stuff) I saw, for the first time in several years, things that I’d consider revolutionary beyond hype:Laces_2

Rods light as feathers that cast like a dream, lines that float and shoot light years beyond the norm, ultra-light waders, boots, and vests. All good. But they’re going to cost you, trust me.
While I am completely jazzed about this new innovation renaissance in flyfishing, I am still left feeling somewhat empty. What I really, really want, when all is said and done, is a set of wader boot laces that might last more than, say, 20 river days. Deliver me from the frayed patchwork of knots and braids for less than $5. Make those laces … and maybe an air freshener for my truck that smells like frying bacon … and you’ll have my soul and allegiance forever.