B-Stinger Sport Hunter Counter Slide 10-inch Stabilizer; BUY IT NOW. Amazon.com

The lightweight bow revolution seems pretty much over as most of us realized a heavier archery rig typically holds and shoots better. It’s an argument, too, for shooting with your bow-attached quiver and arrows in place, though for some shooters that creates balance issues—especially if you shoot 3D in the summer with a target-style belt quiver.

The B-Stinger Sport Hunter Counter Slide aims to correct that with a 3D-inspired offset design. The 10-, 12- or 15-inch stab is held to one side with a bracket that extends 2- or 2.5-inchs left or right. The kit comes with five 1-ounce weights that can be mounted to the front or backside of the stab, for better forward/back balance. The whole stab slides in the mounting bracket, too, so you can adjust length forward versus length back.

This all boils down to near infinite weight and balance adjustment. I set one up on a Mathews Halon 32 this summer, a friend tweaked the counter slide system while I held at full draw, which definitely moved my sight bubble and pins. It’s an interesting system, and worth checking out, especially if you find yourself consistently torquing the bow left or right, and landing arrows off center. BUY IT NOW.