vasque boots
Vasque Breeze III Boots; BUY IT NOW..

Gore-Tex is great, unless it’s 100 degrees in the shade. That was the case this spring in Texas Hill County, hunting javelina along the Rio Grande. The mid-day sun was brutal, but that was the time to catch pigs hitting water, so we staked them out and knocked a few down. Anywhere else, I would have been in flip-flops but the sharp rock cuts and limestone cliffs required boots, so I went with a warm weather set from Vasque, the new Breeze IIIs.

These are well-padded boots, and were very comfortable on my feet, even after half a dozen miles and 12-hour days. The air mesh upper is designed to vent heat, so they’re not ideal for torrential rains, but when I soaked mine while recovering a peccary from the Rio, they dried out fast and didn’t cause blisters. The GTX models come with Gore-Tex, but that seems unnecessary if you’re looking for a desert hiker. At $150, they’re not cheap, but my last pair of Vasque’s survived for almost 10 years—that’s a downright steal. BUY IT NOW.