Few outdoor enthusiasts appreciate a new gadget or piece of gear as much as an avid deer hunter does. That’s because deer hunting is a gear-supportive sport, with specialized equipment for bowhunters, muzzleloaders, and rifle hunters, which makes buying the right gift a challenge. So to help you get your deer-hunting dad just the right gift for before the next special occasion, here are three solid ideas worth considering.


These 10x42mm binoculars have a fast-focus center wheel and come with a comfortable carrying harness. Amazon

If your father doesn’t have a good pair of binoculars, he’s probably not seeing as much activity at extended distances as he could be. Since binoculars can allow hunters to spot bucks they would not otherwise see and judge a rack’s size from great distances, binos are a common tool. Optics in the 8x40mm to 10x42mm range are good for most types of deer hunting.


This lightweight hang-on treestand weighs only 11 pounds, but has a 350-pound weight limit. Amazon

Regardless of how your dad likes to hunt deer, he probably spends part of his time in a tree stand, and the words, “I just have too many treestands,” have seldom been uttered from a hunter’s mouth. There are basically three kinds of treestands. Hang-on stands are simple stands that attach to a tree by a belt or chain and require steps or climbing sticks to access. Ladder stands, available in both single- and double-wide configurations, are usually the most stable, and the ladder attached to the stand makes them easy to access. Climbing tree stands are two-piece stands used to climb a tree to hunt from a perched location. For gifting purposes, you can’t go wrong with a hang-on or ladder stand.

Jerky Dehydrator

This meat and vegetable dehydrator comes with five trays but can accomodate 12 trays so someone could make more jerky at one time. Amazon

If your deer-hunting dad doesn’t like venison jerky, he’s a rare one, indeed! Aside from some venison and a good jerky recipe, he’ll also need a quality dehydrator to make a scrumptious jerky treat. One of the most important considerations is choosing a dehydrator with even heat and air flow. Without that, the venison strips will dry unevenly, unless you rearrange the pieces every few hours. The two most common types of dehydrators are shelf-style and stacking-style dehydrators. The shelf-style dehydrators typically do a better job of drying meat evenly but are usually more expensive. Stacking dehydrators will do the job just fine and are less expensive but might cause a little extra work in the long run.