kentucky youth hunt
A Kentucky hunter with a buck he killed during the youth weekend.

Harry Pozniak was ready for his deer season to get a shot in the arm. Pozniak, owner of River Valley Farms Hunts and one of our regulars on Rut Reporters, says, “Our season started strong. The deer stayed on their summer patterns for a whole week into our season. After that it has kind of gone south. Our weather turned hot and dry, and we have way too many acorns on the ground. The deer do not have to move far to eat.”

But last weekend Pozniak could focus on having fun, as the state’s two-day youth gun season opened.

“We had eight young hunters in camp for the weekend, and six of them tagged out, most with their first deer,” he says. “It’s always great to see young kids enjoying the woods. It kind of makes you remember how any deer can be a trophy.”