_ Lou Alexander is the most recent reader to send a field update — and her story has a bonus. When harvesting her buck this weekend, she had a sidekick to help her along– her daughter Shawn! Here’s what Lou had to say about this very gratifying day in the field. -K.H._

 Shawn is still gun shy, but wanted to go out with me this year. The weather was bad, warm, and very[![Lousdeer](]( windy, and the deer just weren't moving much this weekend. We had decided to stay until 8:30 this morning since we hadn't seen anything but crows in our "hot spot." At 8:20, this guy hopped over the fence on to the food plot. He wouldn't give me a broad side shot, so I took a shoulder shot. He went about 60 yards and fell right by the road. Shawn helped me clean him, then we had to go get the guys to help me load him up after a feable attempt to do it by myself.   
 I had hoped that my hunt with Shawn over the weekend would produce a nice buck, for once the luck was on my side and I got to share a special time with my daughter. She was as excited as I was, and she is even giving her dad a little grief over my big buck and his little doe -- that's my girl! I don't think that being able to take a bigger deer by myself could top today. The best part is that she wants to come back next weekend.   
 It's been awhile since Shawn has gone out with me, and she has settled down a lot. She knew what to expect, but we still had to pack books, snacks, and drinks to help ease the wait. It's amazing what a couple of years will do for a kid. I know it will just keep getting better and better, especially when they see the pay off for the wait. -L.A.