The Fly Fish Chick caught it, and in doing so, called me out … “I root for both fish and anglers.”

It’s true. I do. There are many times when, under my breath, I’m rooting for the fish after that hook-up. I’ll admit, when I’m guiding a type-A, know-it-all, he may just happen to find himself hoofing lead across a heavy current into a 30-m.p.h. headwind. And we may or may not get a good shot at that 24-inch rainbow that lives in a spot I know more intimately than my own underwear drawer.

Conversely, those who “get it,” get the VIP treatment. Am I going to guide Purgatory for this?

I want to hear your river confessions. Tell us, truthfully, have you ever held out … put “Jimmy the Jerk” in a bad run on purpose? C’mon … have you said, as he/she reels in that tail-hooked rainbow, “It ate it, and must have rolled over on the other fly?” When’s the last time you cut someone off?

Your flyfishing soul is at stake, and Fly Talk is the path to absolution.