And the winner is …

Hard to pick, considering all the great, funny stories that came in on the “Strange Tales from the Guide Side” post. But, even though we loved the stories of being peed on, doing gainers off the back of the boat, literally “catching flies,” wader punctures, and (I really loved) “take the beer back” … well, we gotta go with the Japanese tourists who admired the “ugly underwater-eating horse,” which was, in fact, a moose.

Todd, hit us at … you won the rod.

For those of you who missed the stories, go back and check them out … they comprise some of the funniest flyfishing anecdotes I’ve seen in years. I’m so impressed, in fact, that we’re going to find a way soon to collect your photos and stories “from the guide front” and publish them here on this blog. And we’ll find more giveaways to award. This was a great exercise. Classic. Thanks to all of you, and keep us posted, for sure.


(No April Foolin’)