Cameron's M&P15.. Reader Submitted

Some gunfights come gift-wrapped, like this one, from GFF veteran Cameron, who submitted the rifles he and his friend Joel took on their recent Florida pig hunt. It’s a pretty good matchup, so I’m running with it. It pits a couple of military-ish rifles repurposed as pig shooters against each other. One is an M1A SOCOM, chambered, as they are, for .308/7.62×51. The other is the ever-popular AR15 in .223/5.56.

Cameron suggests I call these “Bacon Assault Rifles.” I’ll change that to “Bacon Assault Weapons,” so that its acronym, “BAW,” rhymes with “SAW” (“Squad Automatic Weapon”) and David E. Petzal’s coinage, “PAW” (“Powerful Assault Weapon“).

Joel’s M1A SOCOM 16

Socom 16
Joel’s M1A SOCOM 16. Reader Submitted

As Massachusetts recently decided to ban all scary-looking rifles, my choice was made for me. The Socom is hefty, but the weight and gas system soften recoil to a smooth roll. Thus far, I’ve only run Federal 150 grain bullets through it to zero and hunt with it. I opted for a Burris 2-7X scout scope set up on QD rings.

Cameron’s M&P15

Cameron’s M&P15. Reader Submitted

Admittedly, I wasn’t a big fan of ARs up until I owned one. I settled on an S&W M&P15 at a local shop, due to the price. I topped the rifle off with a basic red-dot and cantilever mount. My rifle didn’t group well with the heavier bullets I hoped to use, so I made the choice to wait and take head shots.

pig rifles
From left: The M&P15 and the Socom 16. Reader Submitted

There you go: M1A vs. AR, .308 vs .223. Vote and comment below, and keep the gun pictures coming to fsgunnuts@gmail.com.

Which gun do you prefer?
Cameron’s M&P15
Joel’s Socom 16