remington 11-87
Craig’s Remington. Reader Submitted

Turkey season is coming. Some day soon the snow will melt, birds will sing, wildflowers will bloom, and turkeys will gobble. It may already be happening where you live. It’s happening here, now, but we’re about to get snowed back to reality according to the weatherman. But, bad weather can’t stop the season from coming, it can just make the wait feel longer.

To get you in the mood for the upcoming weeks of sleep deprivation, frustration, humiliation, and, I hope, triumph, here are two semi-auto turkey guns. Both are dedicated turkey guns, and turkey guns are good for only one thing. They are out of place in the goose pit, the skeet field, or the uplands, but they are perfectly adapted to their one job: head-shooting turkeys in the woods. One of today’s picks is heavy gas gun, the other a lightweight inertia gun.

remington 11-87
Craig’s Remington Reader Submitted

This is my 11-87 Supermag. This gun has killed many turkeys for me and for other people over the years. I had the barrel cut off at 22 inches several years ago and had the forcing cone worked on. I have four chokes for it. For years my load of choice was 3½-inch Winchester Supreme 2-1/4 ounces of 4 shot. Three years ago I went to 3½-inch HeviShot Magnum Blends with a Indian creek choke. Along the way I added some fiber-optic sights with a ghost ring, which I love. Last year I upgraded to the thumb hole stock. I like the short barrel for maneuverability in the woods.

When I pull the trigger with this gun under 25 yards their heads bounce off the ground like a golf ball. This gun put one of my gobblers in the NWTF books for the state of Indiana. I have a brand-new Versamax in the safe and can’t bring myself to build it out like this one. This gun is my turkey-hunting partner and can’t simply be replaced.

Stoeger 2000
John’s Stoeger Reader Submitted

I must be attracted to unpopular guns. Despite all the negative things I have read about the Stoeger 2000 on the Internet, mine brings home the gobblers. I had the gun and jumped at the chance to buy a 20-inch cantilevered turkey barrel for it when I found out Stoeger sold them. I had an elderly Bushnell 1.5x-4x that I mounted on the cantilever, and I raised the comb by putting a roll of foam under a neoprene sleeve on the comb. It’s cheap and cobbled together but very effective.

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Craig’s Remington
John’s Stoeger