7x61 Schultz and Larsen
A strong, accurate action makes the Schultz & Larsen a great gun.. Reader Submitted

A couple of magnums square off today, both of which are highly suitable for an elk hunt. One cartridge is well known, and the other, not so much. The .300 Winchester Magnum doesn’t require much introduction. Since 1963 it has been shooting .30-caliber bullets far, fast, and flat, and it remains our most popular .300 magnum. The 7×61 Sharpe and Hart was developed in the 50s from a necked-down .300 H&H case. Sharpe and Hart convinced Danish gunmaker Schultz and Larsen to build rifles for it, and, for a time, Norma loaded the round. Today, if you want to shoot it, you’d have to handload.

Harolds’s Schultz and Larsen

7x61 Schultz and Larsen
A strong, accurate action makes the Schultz & Larsen a great gun. Reader Submitted

I really shouldn’t go to gun shows! I find things like this unwanted Schultz & Larsen M65 in 7X61 Sharpe & Hart and just had to take it home with me. Fortunately, it came with dies and brass—including 100 unfired Norma cases. I haven’t done much shooting with it, but this situation will be rectified soon.

These guns have a reputation for terrific strength and accuracy. The metalwork is fantastic. Interestingly enough, while the inletting and checkering of the stock is excellent, the piece of wood and its finish are rather plain. I took the bolt out to show its four large locking lugs in the rear. Back in the 50s it was considered the strongest action made. Roy Weatherby used it for a while for his rifles and borrowed some of its features when he designed his Mark V action. Hopefully, I’ll bag a critter or two with it this fall.

Doug’s X-Bolt Medallion

Browning Bolt Action
A safe queen with a highly figured maple stock and black walnut accents. Reader Submitted

I won this Browning rifle at the 2015 local Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation chapter banquet. The stock is highly figured maple with black walnut accents. I’ve shot it at a local range, and it shoots as great as it looks. Where I hunt, .300 Win Mag is a bit much, so, until I get out West or hunt some game larger than whitetail, it will be a safe queen that makes occasional trips to the range.

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Harolds’s Schultz and Larsen
Doug’s X-Bolt Medallion
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