After reading the story of the “drive by shooting” in Kansas last week, reader Tracy sent me a link to a much more positive news story from her area. According to this story on Dec. 7 Ohio bowhunter Michael Kane cut a femoral artery while field dressing a deer in the Goll Woods State Nature Preserve. Fortunately, another hunter, Ryan Price, heard the cries of the seriously injured Kane, and rushed to stop the bleeding until more help could arrive. Here’s what Tracy had to say about the story. – K.H.

I wanted to share a positive story from my neck of the woods (and because I think positive “hunting” stories get very little, if any, coverage around here). This actually appeared on the front page (!!) of the Sunday edition of our local rag. My good friend and mentor called my attention to it because it illustrates the point that even seasoned hunters can be visited by serious accidents (okay, and because my knife handling skills are still not so hot…).