This Sunday marks the start of the Fly Fishing Retailer World Trade Expo in Denver (the trade show for all things “business” in flyfishing). I imagine I’ll se a number of you there. Looking forward to it.

What I like about the show, beyond the new products, is that it gives me a chance to ask questions of the companies in the sport. “Why aren’t you making this rod anymore?” “How come this thing costs this much?” “Where do you make this gizmo?” Etc.

So I’m wondering if any of you who aren’t in the business, or those who are but won’t be in Denver this weekend, have any questions for the likes of Orvis, or Sage, or Simms, or Patagonia, and the others? I’ll ask them for you and let you know what I find out, right here.

Of course, Fly Talk will bring you a daily highlight report from FFR as we see products we like (or don’t), so please stay tuned…