Greetings from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Titletown, USA, despite what ESPN and Valdosta, Georgia say. Shoot, I guess if you count high school and Division II titles… but here, it’s about the N.F.L. which stands for “Not For Long” in the context of how long Valdosta carries that moniker.

Anyway, can anyone tell me which there are more of… Whitefish Bays in the Great Lakes, or Bear Creeks in the Rockies?

I got to thinking about original names for places, specifically some of the legendary river runs where we fish. Golfers have Amen Corner and The Valley of Sin, at Augusta National and St. Andrews, respectively.

But we have some classic names for runs. The Wall of Death is my favorite. Then there’s the Texas Hole, Doctor’s Bend, the Texas Hole, the Toilet Bowl, the Mean Joe Greene pool, The Prop Bar, and the Jesus Pool (which goes by other names as well). Anyone know where they are?

What are your favorite named runs? Have you named any yourself? If you could, what would you call it?

I’m off to the U.P. Good fishing, folks!