I have hogs on the brain today. I opened my email this morning to a nice message about a Women in the Outdoors hog hunt coming up next month. Then, in my endless scans of outdoor news headlines, I saw this Telegraph story about a high-speed hog chase in Australia, in which some fast-moving pig poachers were pursued across the Outback by police and angry airborne farmers. The story stated that in Australia, wild pigs (with an estimated population of 23 million) outnumber people. Learn something new every day.
Back on this side of the ocean and the right side of the law, I’m sure a number of us have hog hunting plans coming up. I for one have never been, but I’ve heard plenty of tales from others about horseback chases, and crazed charging swine, and one inconvenient situation in which a friend ended up with a hogHogzilla2_2 mount so big it overtook her dining room.
I also hear more than I’d like about the whole topic of Hogzilla Culture — the killing of freakishly monster pigs resulting in celebrity hunters, scandalous headlines, pig parades, and even pig movies (yup, that’s a movie poster at right).
Insanity aside, I wonder how many of us are die hard hog hunters, and what some of our best swine stories are. And if you have pictures — send them in and I’ll put them up! -K.H.