I know we already had our obligatory Hillary Clinton discussion, but considering that the words, “You may not believe it but I’ve actually gone hunting,” passed her lips during a Wisconsin campaign stop this weekend, it seems high time for another talk. According to this Reuters report, she told a crowd of voters that she’d been taught to shoot by her father, and that she supported gun rights.

The topic of gun ownership apparently came up when Mrs. Clinton was asked by a voter what she would do as president to stop school violence such as the recent Northern Illinois University shooting. She answered that legislators needed to, “Protect the rights of lawful gun owners, whether it’s hunting, collecting, target shooting, whatever the purpose is, it’s a lawful right, period.” But she added, “We’ve got to keep it out of the hands of criminals and terrorists and people who are mentally ill.”

Gun ownership rights aside, a New York reporter just couldn’t let that hunting claim go, and asked Mrs. Clinton if she’d ever shot anything. According to the article, she answered with a definitive, “Yes,” adding that she’d shot a duck and, “A lot of tin cans and a lot of targets and some skeet.”

Hmmmm… Veeeerrrry interesting… After a winning streak by rival democrat Barack Obama, Mrs. Clinton’s campaign trail lands her in the great orange state of Wisconsin, and conveniently, she has all this field experience to discuss with her fellow hunters.

What do you make of it? Are voters apt to buy it? I wonder if she shot the duck with a .270 caliber shotgun. -K.H.