I’d been planning to kick off an election discussion at some point. With Fred Thompson announcing his candidacy, and Field & Stream’s news blog currently discussing preferred Republicans, I figure this might be a good time.
I have a question, actually: How much do hunting and gun issues influence your vote? I first started really thinking about the nature of the hook and bullet vote in fall 2004, when Field & Stream ran a pair of Q&A’s with President George Bush and Senator John Kerry. At the time I was editing the magazine’s mail page, and I read every single letter that came in response to those interviews. That was by far the biggest, most raging flood of mail I’d seen, overwhelmingly from male readers, who seemed to be basing their vote solely on hunting and gun issues. I remember one lone reader stating that field-related concerns definitely factored into his vote, but so did health care, education, and the War in Iraq.
When Field & Stream’s 2007 Women Hunters Poll asked, Do hunting or gun issues affect the way you vote? 78% said yes. So how much do field-related concerns influence your decision? How do you feel about Thompson—or any other candidate for that matter? Or what are your Election ’08 thoughts in general? –K.H.