Many anglers associate good trout fishing with distant rivers and lakes in quiet backwoods settings. Others like their trout with a hint of concrete. Case in point, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, might not provide the most serene setting for a trout hunt, but it sure is one “trouty” town, and there’s no shortage of rough-and-tumble local angler pride in this city. From big browns and lakers in the harbor and along the Lake Michigan shoreline to exceptional steelheading in the rivers, Milwaukee offers anglers on foot and with boats equal opportunity to cash in on heavy fish. Fueled by Facebook posts showcasing the fishing in Milwaukee, host Joe Cermele hooked up with local fan Pat Kiehm and local guide Tim Hyvonen of WiFinlander Guide Service to get schooled in all facets of the city trout experience. Not only did the local boys know how to get rods bent under tough conditions, they also knew where to find good beer and fried cheese curds. This crew had so much fun despite some ups and downs that it’s only a matter of time before they reunite so the Milwaukee Trout Goon Squad can ride again. To get in on the downtown action, visit Hyvonen’s website at, or call (414) 704-5437.