Talk to anyone that’s ever pulled against a tuna, and it’s almost a guarantee they’d say these fish are some of the hardest driving species you’ll ever battle. It makes no difference if you’re talking about a 20-pound tuna or a 200-pound tuna; they are, quite literally, pure muscle from nose to tail.

They are some of the fastest fish in the ocean, which not only makes them test your drag, but also makes just getting a lure or bait in front of them one of fishing’s ultimate challenges. Tuna never stop moving, so a hot bite in one area can shift a dozen miles away by the next day. Making sure you stay on top of them requires a combination of intense planning, a good network of fellow tuna hunters, and the perfect presentation once you find them.

That presentation, of course, varies by region. In this episode, the “Hook Shots” crew fishes their home waters in the Northeast for bluefins, and then heads south to Louisiana for yellowfins. The tactics may be different—from topwater popper action to live baiting with southern captain Justin Gause—but the adrenaline-fueled rush is the same no matter where you catch these fish.