Every type of tree stand has its place. Postage-stamp assault stands for that long hike to a remote place. Climbers for those nice, straight trees. Heavy-duty hang-ons for a spot I know I’ll sit all day. And I’m growing increasingly fond of ladders, which surprises me. Thought they were too heavy, bulky and obtrusive for my tastes. But I started monkeying with them and there’s nothing safer—once you get them up—and the best ones don’t bother deer.

I’ve had the same prejudices against the widely-popular “shooting house” for the same reasons I disliked the ladders. But of course, I have to confess my bias is rooted in ignorance. I’ve rarely hunted from one. And also (of course) several of my deer buddies have proven me dead-nuts wrong about their effectiveness. So in the spirit of experimentation I suppose I’ll have to build one some day.

My efforts, however, will not reach the heights achieved by the men who built (erected?) the monstrosity found here. I stand in awe not only of the achievement, but of the man who even thought it up. So how ’bout you? Ever hunted from something this unique? Have a deer stand that can rival it for sheer audacity? By all means, let me know!