In an ideal world, you spend a few hundred bucks for a pair of waders, they last a lifetime. Not in my case. I typically get one good season in a pair of waders, and then, maybe, another season if I do enough patchwork. Don’t even get me started on boots… usually six weeks before the seams start popping and the laces break. Granted, I fish a lot, and I travel a lot. And I leave my waders in my truck, where they alternately freeze and bake in the sun this time of year. I do have a pair now that has lasted well (I’m not naming names, because, in fairness, I’d feel like outing the other pieces of junk I have littering my garage at the moment). And I just got a new pair of really nice lightweight waders with the seams relocated from the insides of the legs… smart)…

But I’m wondering… do you think you get what you pay for in waders? How long should a pair reasonably last? 100 days in the river? For some people, that’s 10 years, for others it’s one year? Has anyone found the Gore-Tex grail?