browning shotgun
The Browning Citori White Lightning has an MSRP of $2,069.99. Browning

How much would you spend on your dream upland gun? The one gun that would, if there is such a gun, cure you of wanting more.

I wonder, because most of the letters I get from readers ask my opinion about guns below, say, $700-$800. And, if we write too much about expensive guns, readers complain. At least, the vocal minority of readers complain. Field & Stream has a lot of readers, somewhere around 7-8 million, in fact, and I never know if those of you who protest speak for all F&S readers. For all I know, some of you are quietly stocking your safes with Parkers and Fabbris and everyone else’s budget lies somewhere in between.

I know, too, that there are people out there saving pennies for their “lifetime gun,” usually a double or an O/U. The question is, how many pennies? Which brings us to our survey: how much would you spend on an aspirational gun, or a lifetime gun, or whatever you want to call it?

What do I get out of this? My curiosity satisfied, of course, and, one of the great joys of my job, telling other people how to spend their money. We’ll tabulate the results and come up with a column about dream guns in an upcoming issue of the magazine.

How much would you spend?
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