How to Choose The Right Kind of Soil Meter

Planting food plots for deer season? Know exactly what you need to do to get your soil in tip-top shape for planting with a handy soil meter. Here’s how to narrow the field to find the best.

Sportsmen interested in planting food plots for deer season need to get a readout on the soil in their area to really understand what it needs to grow the best forage. A quality soil meter will provide all of that information and also tell you what kinds of forage may grow best in your area given the kind of soil you have right now. Having a meter on hand will also allow you to check your soil regularly to ensure that you’re not over fertilizing, which can cause crops to grow too fast. With the right meter, you can get your food plots dialed in just right for hunting season. Here are some key things to look for when choosing a meter for your soil.

Keep it Simple

Easy To Read

This single probe design is safer for root health. Amazon

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A simple meter like this one is also simple to use. Just poke the probes about 4 inches into the ground to get a readout.

Dual Probes

Great For Indoor Or Outdoor Use

This probe has no batteries or electric plugs to worry about. Amazon

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A simple 3-in-1 meter like this will provide you with information on soil moisture, sun intensity and pH value. Just poke the probes about 4 inches into the ground to get a readout.

Easy Carry

Double-Needle Detection Technology For Accuracy

This double-needle design provides fast and accurate readouts. Amazon

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This 3-in-1 tester allows you to toggle through moisture, pH or sunlight-level tests. It weighs almost nothing and is simple to use.